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Article I. Name, Purpose and Objectives


Section 1.01 Name

1.This organization shall be called the Collin County Bass Club.


Section 1.02 Purpose

1.Form an organization of men and women who share the same passion for bass fishing and to have fun doing so.

2.Meet and discuss bass fishing as a sport, to improve our skills becoming better bass anglers as individuals and as a club.


Section 1.03 Objectives

1.Promote fellowship among the CCBC’S membership and community.

2.Support charitable organizations promoting the sport of fishing.

3.Support  conservation projects that help fisheries in the area.

4.Support and promote youth involvement in fishing through the club's annual scholarship award program. 

Article II. Provisions for Membership, Member, Dues and Tournament Fees, Eligibility, Reinstatement, Revocation of Membership, Financial

Section 2.01 Provisions for Membership

1.Be introduced or have his/her name submitted at a regular meeting by a CCBC member in good standing.

2.Receipt of initial CCBC dues.


Section 2.02 Member

1.Paid fees and dues as applicable.

2.Membership disclaimer agreement has been submitted and approved.

Section 2.03 Dues and Tournament Fees

1.CCBC membership dues shall be $100.00 per year. Dues may be paid at January meeting, and shall be paid directly to the CCBC treasurer and annotated in the CCBC’S financial record/journal, and recorded by CCBC treasurer.

2.CCBC dues are to be paid in full annually, not later than COB (close of business) of the CCB’S January meeting.

3.Tournament fees shall be $100.00 per tournament per team, divided as follows: $80.00 to the tournament payout, $10.00 to big bass payout (optional), $10.00 to the 8lb Bass Progressive Pot (optional).  Anglers who wish to fish shall pay $40 for the tournament fee. Solo anglers paying $80 shall be paid 100% of the winnings for the place they finish in. Solo anglers paying $40 shall be paid 100% for the place they finish in. Solo anglers must pay 100% of fee for Club Championship.

4.Tournament fees are to be paid in full at the meeting prior to the CCBC’S upcoming tournament directly to the CCBC treasurer, or to any CCBC officers in the absence of the treasurer. Tournament fees paid by anglers at the ramp will incur a $15.00 additional charge, which will be placed in the CCBC general account. Tournament fees not paid prior to launch will result in participant being disqualified for the tournament.

5.Members may bring 1 guest per tournament

6.Guests may fish with a CCBC member who is participating in the tournament.

7.Guest may fish 1 tournament per year.

8.Guests shall pay tournament fee, and shall be eligible for big bass and other prize, if paid in advance of tournament start time. Guest will not be eligible for 8lb pot unless they pay to current. Member fishing with guest will not be eligible to win 8lb pot for tournament fished with guest, unless the guest pays to get current. Guest may not qualify for other club programs.

9.Member and guest must be paid in full or both shall be disqualified.

10.Tournament payout based on 10 boats.  

   1st place = 50% of tournament fees

   2nd place = 30% of tournament fees

   3rd place = 20% of tournament fees

For less than 10 boats, only two places will be paid:

   1st place = 60% of tournament fees

   2nd place = 40% of tournament fees

11.Big bass = total big bass pot per tournament per participants

12.  The 8-pound progressive pot is collected for each tournament (2-day tournaments, such as the championship are 1 tournament) and paid out when someone catches a fish at or above 8 pounds.  If no fish is caught at or above 8-pounds, all monies will be rolled over to the next month until 8-pound fish is caught. If an 8-pound pot is not caught during the season, then the pot will roll over to next season. 

To be eligible to win the pot, you must enter the 8lb bass pot every month or pay to be current, for tournaments you did not fish since the last winner. A dead fish may be weighed, and no penalty will be assessed to the fish.

If the fish is not deemed to be caught on the day of the tournament by a majority vote of the officers present at the weigh-in, the fish will be disqualified and the angler will be expelled from the club.

13.8 lb. pot fees will be collected each month January - November

14.Classic championship tournament payout:

  1.Current cash payout is for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place 

    1st place = 50% of tournament fees

    2nd place = 30% of tournament fees

    3rd place = 20% of tournament fees

Section 2.04 Eligibility

1.Any CCBC member who fails to renew his/her membership by not paying the CCBC dues by COB of the January meeting of the new year (as applicable) will be automatically dropped from the membership.

2.No CCBC member will be eligible for any tournament prizes, awards, and total weight calculations until his/her annual dues are paid in full and up-to-date.

3.The CCBC treasurer will coordinate with the CCBC tournament director, vice president, & communications director prior to each meeting to verify that award recipients are current (paid in full) on all appropriate fees.

4.A member shall lose all tournament points earned if tournament fees are not paid.

5.Any member under the age of 18 may fish with a parent or guardian, or have release of liability signed by parent or legal guardian to allow for participation in tournament with current CCBC member in good standing. 


Section 2.05 Reinstatement

1.If an ex-member wishes to rejoin the CCBC he/she must again comply with all provisions of above sections 1, 2, and 3.


Section 2.06 Revocation of CCBC Membership

1.The Collin County Bass Club (CCBC) is a social organization and membership is a privilege contingent upon compatibility with both the ideas of the CCBC, the ethics, and social standards of the majority of the CCBC members.

2.If a CCBC member should for any reason bring shame upon the organization or become incompatible with majority of the CCBC members, he/she may have his/her membership revoked in accordance with the following procedures:

1.If a CCBC member (plaintiff) feels that, another CCBC member (defendant) no longer meets the criteria noted above; the plaintiff will privately contact the CCBC president and no one else in the CCBC membership about this action. (unless the complaint is against the president, then the member will contact the vice president).

2.The plaintiff will state his/her objections, and declare his/her intent to call for a "resignation vote" at the first meeting following notification that such a vote will be taken.

3.The CCBC president will inform the (defendant) a resignation vote has been requested and offer the defendant an opportunity to resign.

4.If the defendant does not choose to resign, the CCBC president will contact all officers of CCBC informing them of this action and will coordinate a meeting of all officers, the plaintiff, and the defendant involved in order to attempt to resolve this issue without involving the CCBC membership which could cause an un-necessary disruption, conflict, and side-taking within the CCBC membership.

3.Once this action has been filed with the president, both the plaintiff and the defendant, including all officers will not discuss this action with any member of CCBC; for it could cause unnecessary disruption, conflict, and side-taking within the CCBC membership.

4.The intent of this meeting is an unbiased attempt to resolve the issues between the plaintiff and defendant  members for the good of the CCBC and its membership.  If this meeting does not resolve the issues, then the CCBC president will direct the CCBC vice president to notify the CCBC membership, via email, that a hearing and vote is pending for the member.

5.At the next meeting following notification, the plaintiff will be given the opportunity to state the objections for continued CCBC membership of the defendant.

6.The defendant will be offered an opportunity to rebut the claim(s).

7.After both parties have presented their case, the president will call for a motion to revoke the membership of the defendant vand second.

8.If the motion is seconded, a secret ballot will be taken amongst board members

9.A 75% "nay" vote by the present CCBC membership is necessary to revoke a CCBC member’s membership.


Article III. Officers, eligibility, election of officers, terms of office, duties, and vacancies.


Section 3.01 Officers (Executive Committee)

1.The officers of the Collin County Bass Club (CCBC) shall consist of a president, vice-president; communications director; treasurer; tournament director; and assistant tournament director, and tournament coordinator ;


1.Duties of the President

·       1.The CCBC president is over-all responsible for all activities and/or events of the CCBC.

·       2.The CCBC president is over-all responsible for the CCBC membership.

·       3.The CCBC president shall preside over all regular meetings and functions of the CCBC.

·       4.The CCBC president appoints all special committees as required.

·       5.The CCBC president will serve as the CCBC's representative at all functions.


2.Duties of the Vice President

·       1.The CCBC vice-president shall, in the absence of the CCBC president or at the CCBC president's request, assume all duties of office of the CCBC president.

·       2.If the CCBC president resigns, the CCBC vice-president becomes the CCBC president.

·       3.The CCBC vice-president shall advise and assist the CCBC president, as well as the other CCBC officers, and all of the CCBC's committees.

·       4.Will be responsible for communication with CCBC national affiliation with TBF / FLW or B.A.S.S.  


3.Duties of the Communications Director

·       1.The CCBC communications director shall keep a record of the proceedings and attendance of all regular meetings.

·       2.The CCBC communications director shall handle and write correspondence for the CCBC when asked to do so and shall keep a file of all such correspondence.

·       3.The CCBC communications director will record weights at the end of a tournament coinciding with the correct angler. Only weights the tournament director voices are to be recorded.

·       4.The CCBC communications director is responsible for the CCBC website administration, content, social media, and further development.

·       5.The CCBC communications director will notify all CCBC members who have not paid their annual dues prior to the February meeting under the direction of the treasurer and president.


4.Duties of the Treasurer

·       1.The CCBC treasurer is the custodian of all funds of CCBC. 

·       2.The CCBC treasure will collect and receipt all dues and tournament entry fees due to CCBC.

·       3.The CCBC treasure will issue all checks and/or cash for CCBC tournament prizes.

·       4.The CCBC treasurer will issue payment for all bills. Expenses over $100.00 will require approval of the CCBC president.

·       5.The CCBC treasurer shall maintain a complete financial journal of receipts, bills, canceled checks; cash received and dispersed that can/will be reviewed periodically as directed by the CCBC president and another officer of CCBC. At the end of the year, the treasurer will ensure no monies are carried over to the next physical year.

·       6.The CCBC treasurer will prepare and present a financial report at each monthly meeting.

·       7.The CCBC treasurer will inform the executive committee whenever a member's failure to pay dues that may result in a loss of the privilege of CCBC membership.

·       8.The CCBC treasurer will assist the CCBC president in preparation of an annual budget. The budget requires 2/3 approval vote from membership present.


5.Duties of the Tournament Director

·       1.The CCBC tournament director is responsible to the CCBC membership for planning and coordinating all fishing tournaments for the CCBC.

·       2.The CCBC tournament director reports directly to the CCBC president regarding any and all tournaments requirements and or conflicts affecting CCBC tournaments.

·       3.The CCBC tournament director works with the CCBC VP to ensure the execution of any and all CCBC tournaments are conducted in accordance with CCBC policies and procedures; applicable state and federal laws; and that all equipment is on-hand and available.

·       4.The CCBC tournament director shall serve as the monthly tournament judge. All decisions made by the tournament director are final.

·       5.The CCBC tournament director will coordinate with the CCBC treasure and communications director to ensure all CCBC members and/or guests participating in a CCBC tournament are paid in full prior to start time for any and all CCBC tournament events.

·       6.The CCBC tournament director will conduct weigh-in at the end of the monthly tournaments by physically measuring and weighing fish. These weights are recorded by the communications director.


6.Duties of the Assistant Tournament Director

·       The CCBC assistant tournament director is responsible for assisting the tournament director in planning and coordinating all fishing tournaments for CCBC.

·       The CCBC assistant tournament director will conduct the live well check prior to launching a boat and will assist the CCBC tournament director with CCBC tournament weigh-in.


7.Duties of the Tournament Coordinator

·       The CCBC tournament coordinator will assist the tournament director and assistant tournament director in all aspects of the club’s monthly tournaments and special events. Duties include assistance with live well checks, setting up weigh station, table, banner, and catch basin. 


Section 3.02 Officer Eligibility

1.Be a CCBC member in good standing.

2.Attend at least one-half of the regular CCBC meetings during the past year.

3.Be active in CCBC functions and show interest in the growth and development CCBC.


Section 3.03 Election of Officers

1.All CCBC officers must be of an upstanding and trustworthy character and “must” be in good standing with CCBC at all times.

2.Nominations for CCBC officers will be made by any and all CCBC members that are in good standing beginning in the October meeting.  The CCBC president (speaking on behalf of all of the current CCBC officers) may also make appropriate nominations for officer positions.

3.Once the nominations have been made, the CCBC communications director will prepare the listing for officer nominations based upon review of the CCBC membership attendance records for eligibility.  Upon completion, the CCBC communications director will publish the nomination list prior to the November meeting.

4.The CCBC officers will be elected by secret ballot, by a simple majority of the CCBC membership present, that are in good standing, at the November meeting.

5.Votes on each office will be separate.


Section 3.04 Term of Office

1.All elected CCBC officers shall serve a term of one-(1) year beginning with the November meeting and lasting through the next election meeting.

Section 3.05 Vacancies in Office

1.In the event an office becomes vacant, the CCBC communications director shall notify the CCBC membership at least five days prior to the next regular meeting that nomination and election will be held to fill the unexpired term of said officer at the meeting.

2.In the event the office of CCBC communications director becomes vacant, the CCBC president shall appoint a CCBC member to send notifications to the CCBC membership.


Section 3.06 Term Limits

1. President and Vice President can serve no more than 2 consecutive terms in either position.


Article IV. By-Law Amendment, Procedures

Section 4.01 Amending the Constitution and/or Policies

1.The by-laws, policies and procedures of the Collin county bass club (CCBC), may only be amended once per year unless as dictated by changes in the state and or federal law(s); or by necessary safety issues and or requirements.

2.The by-laws cannot be altered except by amendment.

Section 4.02 Amendment Procedures

1.CCBC members wishing to amend the by-laws or policies and procedures must present to the CCBC president, prior to the November regular meeting, a written amendment that clearly states the proposed change in the form of a motion.

2.At the November meeting the CCBC president will read the submitted proposed amendment(s) and call for a second from the membership. If seconded, the membership will have the opportunity to discuss the proposed amendment.

3.A majority vote by the membership present at the November meeting will decide whether the amendment shall be implemented.

4.The proposed amendments, which are passed, will take effect January 1, unless otherwise stated in the amendment.

5.The CCBC communications director will publish the revised by-laws, and or policies and procedures as soon as possible following the November meeting.


Article V. Point System, Awards, Tournament Rules, Lake Selection

Section 5.01 Point System/Tournament Points

1.The point accumulation process begins in January and ends in October of each year.

2.Points are determined by the following:

First place will receive 100 points with all other places will receive 1 point less than the angler that places above them.  For anglers who do not fish and pay for the tournament entry, they will be awarded 5 points less than the last place for those who fished. 

For those that do not fish or pay for the tournament, they will be awarded zero points.

7.Guest(s) may fish 1 monthly tournament in a year and are awarded places but cannot receive points, unless they become a CCBC member and pay their membership dues in full at the next regular meeting for the tournament fished.

8.Guest actual points awarded will be the same amount as those awarded to CCBC members who attend the tournament but weighed no fish.

9.Points scale:

First place will be awarded 100 points. Each additional place will be awarded one point less than proceeding place plus total weight of fish. Example:

1st place = 100 points 

2nd place = 99 points 

3rd place = 98 points 

4th place = 97 points 

5th place = 96 points 


Section 5.02 Awards

1.Monthly big bass award

1.The "big bass" winner shall receive the big bass money ($5 paid by each contestant willing to participate).

2.To be eligible for "big bass", a bass must be caught during the regularly schedule fishing hours of the CCBC tournament.

2.CCBC big bass of the year

1.To be eligible for " CCBC tournament big bass of the year", a bass must have previously been a "big bass” winner.

2.The CCBC member who catches the largest "big bass of the year" for the year shall receive a plaque.

3.CCBC angler of the year

1.At the end of the year, the CCBC member with the highest total points per section 5.01 shall be called " CCBC angler of the year".

1.1 A.O.Y. points total will be based on each angler's best finishes in all tournaments, with 1 tournament being dropped. 

2.The " CCBC angler of the year" will receive the following: a plaque/trophy with his/her name inscribed, $100 gift card and custom club logo apparel.

3.The “CCBC angler of the year will receive paid dues for the coming year.


Section 5.03 Tournament Lake Selection

1.Prior to the regularly scheduled November meeting of the current year, the newly elected officers will develop a series of three (3) separate tournament trails to be fished in the upcoming season. The three (3) trails will be submitted to the club's current members for a vote by all members, in good standing, via secret ballot. The tournament trail that receives the most votes will be posted immediately on the club website with all necessary information

2.Any date changes will be included on the CCBC website by the CCBC communications director prior to the tournament.

3.A lake may be fished as many times as selected by CCBC membership

4.For all CCBC tournaments, the lakes that are fished must be located within a 175-mile radius of Collin county, Texas, except the classic championship which will not exceed a radius of 250 miles.

5.CCBC tournaments are one (1) day tournaments unless voted by the CCBC membership to conduct a two (2) day tournament.

6.Tournament director has the ability to change the lake location or postpone the tournament based on safety concerns or lake conditions. The proposed change must be approved by the board via majority vote.


Article VI. Tournament Rules, Paper Tournament, PFD Device, Inclement Weather


Section 6.01 General Rules

1.All CCBC sanctioned events will be fished as a team tournament format of 2 anglers per team. Any angler may choose to fish an event as an individual competitor. All federal and Texas state game laws must be observed. Violators will be disqualified.

2.All boaters shall have a minimum of 75 feet between boats

3.Beginning thirty (30) minutes prior to sundown on the Friday preceding the upcoming CCBC event(s), no fishing, no scouting is allowed on the lake.

The Championship venue becomes off limits to all competitors immediately following the conclusion of the scheduled October tournament. Official practice days for the Championship event are Thursday and Friday immediately prior to day one (1) of the event. Competitors must remain off the water at the conclusion of day one (1) until the beginning of day two (2) of the Championship event.

4.All fish must be caught on artificial lures, which includes pork rinds.

5.All fish must be caught using only one rod per angler: each cast must be completed before the next cast is made.

6.Trolling, bank fishing, wading, drift fishing, and tube fishing are not permitted. You may not exit the boat in order to land a fish during the tournament.

7.Largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, and Guadalupe bass are the only legal fish weighed-in during the CCBC monthly points’ tournaments.

8.Largemouth, Guadalupe and smallmouth bass must be at least 14” unless state laws specify a longer length in inches. Illegal Largemouth, Guadalupe and smallmouth bass (under 14” results 1 lb. penalty and the illegal fish will be disqualified). Spotted bass must be at least 12”. Illegal spotted bass (under 12” results 1 lb. penalty and the illegal fish will be disqualified).

9.Fish will be measured on a commercial grade flat fish measuring device, similar to a “golden rule”, marked in 1/8th inch increments.  The fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed and tail compressed to get maximum length as per Texas parks and wildlife department fish measurement policy.

10.Live fish weigh-in format with five fish brought to the scale based on lake rules. Note:  applies to “slot” lakes as well.

11.The CCBC tournament director shall be the tournament chairman for all of the CCBC monthly tournaments and supervise the weigh-in.

12.The CCBC tournament director, decision at the monthly tournaments are final.

13.The official tournament start and weigh-in time will be kept by the CCBC’s tournament director’s time. It is each angler’s responsibility to contact the tournament director regarding times and ramps.

14.Participants must be checked in with tournament director at the designated time, if an angler is not present at the designated time and place he/she will be penalized one (1) pound for each minute they are late. After fifteen minutes the angler / team will be disqualified.

15.All CCBC tournament participants must use a serviceable weigh-in bag that contains sufficient water of good quality to support the life of bass while bringing fish to the scales for weighing.

16.For all live weigh-in tournaments, a dead bass penalty will be assessed to CCBC members bringing dead bass to the scales at .50 lbs. for each dead fish.

17. Tournament director does not give courtesy checks. You may compare your board to the official board prior to the start of weigh-in.

18.In the event of a tie, for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, the weight of the big fish between the competitors tied for each place will break the tie. If there is a tie between the big fish then the following split will be occur;

In the event of a tie, for 1st ,2nd, or 3rd place, contestants will combine the total purse associated with the finishing positions and spilt the winnings evenly. First place tie will split 1st and 2nd combined purse. 2nd place tie will split 2nd and 3rd combined purse. Contestants that tie for 3rd will split the purse associated with the 3rd place finishing position.

19.It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that his/her name is placed on the CCBC tournament attendance sheet.

20.The CCBC tournament director in conjunction with the CCBC treasurer and communications director, before the weigh-in will prepare this sheet.

21.If for any reason a CCBC member and/or guest participating in a CCBC tournament leaves/departs the tournament site without notifying the CCBC tournament director, or any officer of their departure, that member and/or guest will forfeit all points for that tournament.  Further, the CCBC member may be determined to be ineligible to participate in the next CCBC tournament for this type of conduct is considered a safety violation and cannot be tolerated.


Section 6.02 Paper Weigh-In Format

1.Fishing partners will verify the measurement of each other’s fish...Note:  applies to “slot” lakes as well.

2.Paper weigh-in format with a photograph verification of the fish on the measuring device.

3.During a CCBC paper tournament, all fish will be measured to the nearest one-eighth (1/8th) of an inch by the contestant and recorded on the designated paper chart for that tournament.

4.The paper weight is the weight of the fish for any “big bass of the tournament”. If caught during the monthly CCBC tournament.

5.During our paper tournaments, all fish that fall within the slot will be measured and used as the paper weight. If fish does not fall within the slot it will be brought to the scales. Both the paper weight and the scale weight will be added together to determine the winner. 

6.The maximum number of bass (all species combined) that can be weighed-in per tournament (per angler) is 5 per day.

7.All participants will wear or be marked with a identifier specific to that day’s event. All submitted, if applicable, photos must include the identifier in clear unobstructed view.  

8.Fish will be measured with the mouths closed against the left side stop of the stick and tails flat against measuring device.

9. Each image must contain the entire length of the fish from mouth to tail and the identifier on anglers hand viewable in picture.

10.All slot fish weights will be determined via TX parks    and wildlife weight estimation sheet available on website.

11.The angler/teams best five (5) fish will be tallied via a combination of both live and paper weight fish


Section 6.03 Wearing of PFD (Personal Flotation Devices):

1.All participants in a CCBC tournament, either CCBC member or guest will be required to wear an appropriate and U.S. coast guard approved pfd while the boat is on plane. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification of the member/guest.

2.The operator of the boat will be required to have a working kill switch attached to his/her pfd at all times while the boat is on plane.

Section 6.04 Inclement or Hazardous Weather

1.If the tournament director believes weather to be hazardous during the travel tournament period, the tournament will be canceled on the eve of the contest and rescheduled for the following Saturday.

2.If conditions become hazardous on the day of the tournament prior to launching tournament director will make the final decision at the weigh-in site/launch site immediately before the tournament begins to determine if a tournament will commence as scheduled, or if a delay is necessary.

3.If conditions become hazardous during the tournament, and all boats have launched it is the discretion of the member to be on the water. 


Article VII. Classic Tournament, Eligibility, Lake Selection


Section 7.01 Eligibility

1.Members who have fished six (6) tournaments or fished five (5) tournaments and paid for one, and have a minimum of 10.5 points, qualify for the classic.

   Points Available:

   .5 points - Zoom Meeting (5 for 2 1/2 points)

   3 points - In Person Meeting (3 for 9 points)

   1 point - Tournament Fished (9 for 9 points)

   2 points - Serving As An Officer

   2 points - Volunteer for The Open

2. Members who join the club mid season will be reviewed by the board to determine eligibility based on number of tournaments remaining and points available.

3.Guests are not allowed to fish the classic.

4.Classic tournaments do not count toward point accumulation

5.The classic takes place the second weekend of November of each year

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